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Case Spigen Samsung Galaxy S22 Thin Fit Black Case

Case Spigen Samsung Galaxy S22 Thin Fit Black Case

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Case S22

Lightweight and ultra-thin (1.55mm) case protection. Made of TPU and durable, slightly flexible polycarbonate, which provides reliable protection for your device and improves its grip in the hand. The product is perfectly fitted, fully functional, does not limit access to external ports and effectively protects mobile phone against scratches or small drops. Thin Fit tempts with its modern, minimalist design!

All Spigen products are tested for abrasion resistance and precise fit in order toaRCz provide high quality case.

- 100% Original
- Packaged in original box
- Precisely crafted
- Super thin (1.55mm) and lightweight
- Fits perfectly
- Fully functional
- Easy to install and remove

1 x Case Spigen Thin Fit

Case Samsung Galaxy S22 - Spigen

Case Spigen The Samsung Galaxy S22 is made of shatterproof material. It protects against falls from heights and contact with rough surfaces. The case protects against: spoilage of phone Samsung case, damage to internal components. Scratching, dust settling. It perfectly absorbs shocks and protects against expense of replacing screena or breaking a glass. Additionally case Galaxy S22 covers the whole mobile phone, being a strong and resistant composition

Samsung Galaxy S22 - Black Case - Color intensity for longer

The Galaxy S22 case is carefully crafted and refined to the smallest detail. This is primarily for visual appeal, but also for effective protection of the smartphone. Black case Galaxy S22 is case, which wins hundreds of fans every day. It is a functional accessory with a perfect fit to the smartphone. It does not significantly thicken phone and stabilizes the positioning in the hand. The Black color remains properly Black for a long time, even despite daily use.

If case Galaxy S22 does not cover the screen it is recommended to use glasses tempered.