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Case Spigen Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Liquid Crystal Glitter Crystal Clear Case

Case Spigen Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Liquid Crystal Glitter Crystal Clear Case

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A thin case protective case that does not significantly thicken phone preserving its original design and shape. Liquid is made of durable and shock-resistant TPU material that increases adhesion and comfort of use. The product is perfectly tailored, fully functional and does not limit access to external ports.

Liquid it is an ideal protective solution while maintaining minimum weight and thickness!

All Spigen products are tested for abrasion resistance and precise fit in order toaRCz provide high quality case.

- 100% Original
- Packaged in original box
- Elegant
- Slim shape
- Precisely made
- Integrated air cushions in the corners
- Perfectly fitted
- Fully functional
- Easy to install and remove

1 x Case Spigen Liquid Crystal Glitter

Case S22 Ultra - stylish protection for your phone Samsung

Case S22 Ultra is a durable case. Fully protects mobile phone from accidents, damage. It surrounds vital areas for damage such as the reverse side, the glass and the surrounding parts. This is an important feature due to the frequent use of phone, which is exposed to damage or scratching - many times a day. Dropping, sliding on a flat surface, bumping - any such event may result in a visit to the service

Case for Samsung S22 Ultra - Spigen

To keep your smartphone in good condition, it's worth remembering the case. Case do Samsung S22 Ultra Spigen will provide full protection. The cover is made of damage-resistant materials, perfectly absorbing the force of shocks. Properly selected material ensures that case S22 Ultra will be kept clean for many weeks. Resistance to scratches, color change has been proven by many functional tests.

Stylish case Galaxy S22 Ultra Spigen

In addition to the protective features case Galaxy S22 Ultra Spigen also serves as a fashionable gadget. This case will work perfectly as a complement to elegant and casual style. The unusual design makes case S22 Ultra looks great and fits properly in your hand. Using the smartphone with one hand, making a call or recording a video, you can rest assured about the safety of your Samsung.