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Original Audio Music Cable SONY ERICSSON MMC-70 Fast-Port for Tower

Original Audio Music Cable SONY ERICSSON MMC-70 Fast-Port for Tower

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The fastest way to play music from your mobile phone through your stereo. Combine the mobility of music with the benefits of sound from speakers.
The MMC-70 music cable allows you to connect your phone directly to the 3.5mm input jack on a stereo or hi-fi system and play music stored on your phone.

Original Sony Ericsson MMC-70 music cable dedicated to models:
Aino ™ A
C510 C702 C901 C901 GreenHeart ™ C901 GreenHeart ™ C902 C902 C903 C903 C905 C905 Elm ™ Elm ™ F305 F305 G502 G502 G700G700 G705 G705
G705u G900 G900 Hazel ™ Hazel ™ Jalou ™ Jalou ™ alou ™ from Dolce & Gabbana Jalou ™ from Dolce & Gabbana K330 K330 K610 and K610i K660i
K660i Naite ™ Naite ™ R300 R300 R306 R306 S302 S302 S312 S312 Satio ™ Satio T280i T280i T303 T303T650i T650i T700 T700 T707 T707
T715 T715 W205 W205 W302 W302 W350 and W350i W380 and W380i W395 W395 W508 W508 W595 W595 W595s W595s W705 W705 W715 W715 W760i W760i
W890 and W890i W98 W980 W995 W995 Yari ™ Yari ™ Z555 and Z555i Z770 and Z770i Z780 and Z780i
and other compatible Fast-Port connector.