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PROLINK Hdmi - Hdmi Cable 1m Filters Full HD Fullhd 1080p Solid CL828

PROLINK Hdmi - Hdmi Cable 1m Filters Full HD Fullhd 1080p Solid CL828

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Cable used to connect the Home Theater, ideal solution for high definition HDTV
Designed to transmit high quality HDMI signal. Most often used to connect a receiver / DVD / Blu-ray / SAT TV with LCD TV, plasma, projector etc., ideal solution for high definition HDTV

General characteristics of the product:

* solid and precise workmanship
* metal plugs covered with 24-carat gold
* cable made of signal cable, oxygen-free copper (OFC) with a high degree of purity - 99.96%
* excellent shielding of signal wires

Available in the following lengths: 1m 1.5m 2m

The Prolink Exclusive / Premium series has been created for more demanding customers for whom quality is important while maintaining a moderate price. All products are based on oxygen-free copper (OFC) with a very high degree of purity - 99.96%. They have metal (bronze) molded connectors coated with 24K gold for optimal signal flow. These are just a few of the most important features of this series of products. They are an example worth imitating in this class