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Holder Magnetic iOttie Velox MagSafe Mag netic on an even surface

Holder Magnetic iOttie Velox MagSafe Mag netic on an even surface

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iOttie Velox Magnetic Flush mount
Holder Velox is magnetic holder to phone for iPhones and case compatible MagSafe. ExhibitaRCzy that you place your device on the Velox mount and it will snap into place perfectly, providing a secure hold. The ball joint on the mount rotates 360°, allowing you to adjust holderu to the perfect and secure position while driving. The silicone surface provides extra grip, preventing phone, from slipping while protecting it from scratches. Now it's easier than ever to mount your mobile phone and hit the road!
Designed for phone iPhone series MagSafe and case.
Quick and easy installation
Adhesive base ensures secure attachment.
Fully adjustable view
Super strong ball joint allows you to easily adjust holderu Velox to the optimal viewing angle for you.
Strong magnetic connection
Keep your mobile phone securely connected, even on rough roads.

Technical specifications:
SMALL AND ELEGANT PROFILE: Holder Velox Mount has a compact design that complements the style of any vehicle interior
Powerful MagNETIC HOLD: Your MagSafe compatible iPhones and cases will be held securely in place even on rough roads.
*Exclusively compatible with MagSafe series iPhone and case!
FUNCTIONAL DESIGN: Holder Velox features a soft silicone surface for extra grip and scratch protection.
FLEXIBLE VIEWING ANGLES: Velox Mount has a rotating ball joint that allows you to adjust the angle of iPhone, to get the optimal view.

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