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P9 Case HUAWEI 2017 Lite Thin Transparent PC Case

P9 Case HUAWEI 2017 Lite Thin Transparent PC Case

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Excellent Huawei protective Case made of a rigid, durable material.
It has cutouts for connectors and system buttons, thanks to which it does not limit the functionality of the phone, and at the same time only slightly increases its dimensions.
It allows you to protect the casing and protects the Mobile phone against accidental scratches.
What distinguishes it from similar products is quality.
The material it is made of seems stiff and it is impossible to break it.
When putting on and taking off, the Cover will never break as it happens with cheap crystal cases.
It is extremely flexible and does not deform or break even as a result of very strong bending.

Think about a thin case. The Case creates a classic and protective design that emphasizes the slim profile of the device. An impact-resistant hard shell covers the back and sides, while protruding sides protect the front of your phone, extending the bezel above the screen.