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Case Spigen Samsung Galaxy A30s / A50 / A50s Rugged Armor Black Case

Case Spigen Samsung Galaxy A30s / A50 / A50s Rugged Armor Black Case

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Rugged Armor

Case Spigen Rugged Armor is a fan favorite for style, protection and simplicity in one cover. Its signature carbon fiber look remains timeless against the all matte black silhouette. Air Cushion Technology is encased in all corners of the lightweight and pocket-friendly design. Build your mobile phone in Case Spigen Rugged Armor , for unparalleled looks and protection.

  • Flexible and durable TPU plastic, provides softness and comfort in use.
  • Air Cushion technology- absorbs impact for even better protection
  • Elegance and slimness of carbon fiber design
  • Compatible with inductive charging and with glassesmi Spigen Glas.Tr

Case Spigen Samsung Galaxy A50, Samsung Galaxy A50s, Samsung Galaxy A30s

Case the Spigen Rugged Armor series is an iconic and reliable product of the brand Spigen. The color of this case is Black, this color is very practical. The product is made precisely from the proven TPU material, and the accents resembling the carbon pattern add case class. Thanks to the use of Air Cushion technology in this case your Samsung smartphone will always be protected. Case is MIL-STD 810G-516.6 military certified. With the Spigen cover you will no longer have to worry every time you drop phone. The cover works perfectly with the Samsung Galaxy A50, and thanks to the Plecki-type design, your device remains slim even when you put it on case.