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Tempered Glass ESR Tempered Glass Apple iPad 10.2 2019

Tempered Glass ESR Tempered Glass Apple iPad 10.2 2019

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High-quality ESR Tempered glass is the perfect way to protect the screen from scratches and bumps. It has a thickness of 0.3 mm and a hardness of 9H, which is a sufficient value that allows for effective protection of the screen, with high resistance of the glass itself to superficial scratches. It has also been covered with an oleophobic layer that reduces the degree of leaving fingerprints on the screen. The set includes installation accessories with a positioning frame, thanks to which the installation is very easy and accessible to literally everyone. The frame allows for perfect positioning of the coating with the screen, and the other accessories are used for bubble-free and dirt-free installation - installing this type of product on such a large screen surface has never been easier!

Check how simple it is:

How to check if an accessory is compatible with your iPad?
It's simple, check the back of your device for the model number that starts with the letter A:
The product from this offer fits: A2197, A2200, A2198, A2199.

-100% Original
- Scratch resistance up to 9H
- Tempered glass with a thickness of 0.3 mm
-Has an oleophobic layer
- 2.5D profiled edges
-Easy assembly with frame and installation package
-Does not affect touch sensitivity
- Packed in original packaging

1 x ESR Glass
1 x wet cloth
1 x dry cloth