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Charger Inductive IOttie iON Wireless Charging Pad

Charger Inductive IOttie iON Wireless Charging Pad

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Charger The inductive iOttie iON Wireless Charging Pad is a product of a reputable brand iOttie. Charger is inductive which proves that it can charge any device that has a QI module. In addition, in iOttie iON we have a special cutout, which allows us to place an inductive power bank, available in iOttie . Charger is powered from the socket with a 2 Ampere charger, it is not recommended to connect it under other mobile or mains devices.

In order to start inductive charging, after connecting chargers to the outlet, you need to put our device equipped with the inductive module on its top surface (where the inscription iOttie and a special ring is mounted, preventing the device from slipping).

The upper part of chargers is equipped with a special rubber ring, which is designed to act as an anti-slip. Placed on it, the device will not slip or fall while charging.

Charger it is also equipped with an LED light, which informs us about the operation of the device. Shining with a bright, but not eye-strenuous, green light, it is able to blend into any interior. The lamp goes out when charging is not taking place.

1 x IOttie iON Wireless Charging Pad
1x charger IOttie 2A USA with adapter