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Glass Hybrid HOFIUltraflex Glass Apple iPhone 7/8/9 Black Black

Glass Hybrid HOFIUltraflex Glass Apple iPhone 7/8/9 Black Black

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Can flexible mean better?

The low thickness of only 0.3mm and the full screen coverage of your Samsung Galaxy S20 makes the Hofi UltraFlex Glass almost invisible.

Hardness at the level of 8-9H obtained thanks to the ceramic coatings used, and thanks to its composite structure, it does not crack or chip at the edges.
These are the features of the hybrid - glass and foil, which means not only high resistance to pressure or scratches, but also full sensitivity to touch as well as perfect transparency and saturation of the image.

Hofi UltraFlex Glass is the hardest hybrid on the market and, in addition to its resistance, it is compatible with most Case.

Check how to install:

1) Begin installation in the bathroom right after bathing - the steam will absorb all the dust from the atmosphere and it will not disturb your installation.
2) Clean and degrease the screen surface thoroughly, then use a dry cloth to polish it to a shine.
3) Install the coating as evenly as possible - you can position it using two sheets of tape, sticking them to the side of the device.
4) In the initial phase of application, bubbles or stripes of air may remain trapped under the glass, which must be emitted with repetitive movements to the edge, e.g. with an ATM card.
5) Get rid of air bubbles by firmly pressing the whole thing with circular movements for several dozen seconds. Do this so that the adhesive layer adheres to the screen as much as possible.
Also note that due to milling or curving, the curvature of the glass must coincide with the curvature of the screen.
If the glass does not stick on either side, it means that it has been glued crookedly, in which case you will have to unstick and try to mount again until you succeed.

- 100% Original
- Packed in the original packaging
- Surface hardness 8-9H
- Exceptional crack resistance
- Thickness 0.3mm
- Maintains full sensitivity to touch
- Precisely fitted
- Dimensions: 133x62mm

1 x Hybrid glass Hofi UltraFlex Glass
1 x Alcohol cloth
1 x dry cloth