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Case Spigen Apple Watch 4/5 (40mm) Ultra Hybrid Clear

Case Spigen Apple Watch 4/5 (40mm) Ultra Hybrid Clear

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Case Spigen Ultra Hybrid for Apple Watch 4 40mm, Apple Watch 5 40mm

Case Ultra Hybrid series is distinguished by the fact that it uses the characteristics of two different materials - Thermoplastic Polyurethane PC around the outside, which is designed to absorb the force of a fall, and Polycarbonate TPU on the back, which in turn does not change color and provides perfect transparency to the back of the device. Case Ultra Hybrid comes with frames in different colors, the color shown here is Transparent, which is a very practicalcolor.

Best protection Apple Watch 4 40mm in case Spigen Ultra Hybrid

Case made with the highest precision, so that when you put it on, you will not feel any reduction in the comfort of use phone Apple . High precision manufacturing ensures that the side keys work perfectly. Even with this cover on, access to all ports is easy. Case Spigen Ultra Hybrid also provides excellent protection for your camera thanks to its special contouring. case uses patented Air Cushion technology so that your mobile phone Apple will always be protected. Case is MIL-STD 810G-516.6 military certified. Buying Spigen cover you will no longer have to worry every time your smartphone falls. The cover fits Apple Watch 4 40mm perfectly, and thanks to its compact back-type design, mobile phone remains functional even when case is on.