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TECH-PROTECT digital stylus pen iPad white

TECH-PROTECT digital stylus pen iPad white

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Tech-Protect Digital Stylus is an advanced graphics tool that allows you to make precise graphics and drawings on your Apple iPad. The small tip and high touch sensitivity guarantee accuracy during drawing and graphic processing. The accessory has an ergonomic shape that minimizes hand fatigue and improves the comfort of use during work. Inside the stylus there is a small magnet similar to the one also found in the Apple Pencil. With its help, we can conveniently attach the stylus to the side edge of the iPad Pro.

The operation of the device is simple and intuitive. You turn on the stylus by lightly touching its tip. The accessory will automatically turn off to save energy after 20 minutes of no response.
Built-in LED informs about the operating status of the device. The blue color shows that the stylus is turned on, while the red color shows during low power level and while charging. The diode turns off when the device is fully charged, informing that the device is ready to be used again.

The Tech-Protect stylus is a multifunctional tool that will prove useful in everyday use as well as for making precise graphics and drawings on the Apple iPad.


* Compatibility: All Apple iPad models as of 2018 with an update from iOS 12.2 or later.

- 100% Original
- Packed in the original packaging
- Dimensions: 166mm x 9mm
- Charging via cable
- Switch on by touching the tip
- LED indicating the status of use
- Magnetic attachment to the iPad Pro
- High precision when drawing

1 x Tech-Protect stylus
1 x Replaceable tip
1 x Type-C Cable