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iOttie Auto Sense Wireless CD Slot / Air Vent Holder Car with wireless charging

iOttie Auto Sense Wireless CD Slot / Air Vent Holder Car with wireless charging

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iOttie Auto Sense Wireless Holder Car with wireless charging

Holder car with Inductive Charging iOttie Auto Sense Wireless can be mounted in both the CD slot and the windshield grille. It can be used with any phone equipped with wireless charging functions both Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy. Holder it combines Power Qi fast wireless charging technology with the convenient Auto Sense mounting system. Holder with the included charger supports FAST Charging fast charging technology. Holder can be mounted both in the CD slot and in the grille thanks to the interchangeable holder. Mounting phone in the bracket and starting its charging is done in one hand movement. Holder on mobile phone brand iOttie allows wide adjustment of phone position thanks to its swivel head, extendable and adjustable arm. The holderu's robust design provides exceptional stability on even the most pothole-ridden road. The included charger is equipped with a micro USB plug and an additional USB connector with which you can charge an additional device.


Fast wireless charging

Holder car iOttie is equipped with Qi FAST Charging technology so it charges smartphones 40% faster than standard charger wireless.

One-move installation

IOttie Auto Sense is an advanced holder car auto wireless mount designed to maximize convenience and power on the road. Instantly mount smartphones with Auto Sense powered by a proximity sensor.

Adjustable foot on bottom holderu

using the adjustable foot on the bottom of holderu, you can adjust the ideal mounting position for phone any size. The foot can be adjusted sideways and up and down. If, despite the adjustment, the side arms press on the buttons on the side of the smartphone, the holderu foot can be removed. Adjusting the foot also makes it easier to find the optimal phone position during inductive charging, and it provides easier access to the charging connector or jack.

A grille-mounted holderu version is also available


  • Qi certified, fast wireless charging
  • Patented mounting system phone Auto Sense
  • Adjustable foot holderu
  • Ventilation holes protect against overheating