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Case Holder For scooter WILDMAN L Frame Bag Black Black Case

Case Holder For scooter WILDMAN L Frame Bag Black Black Case

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The WildMan waterproof bicycle bag is the perfect accessory for any fan of 2 wheels. The pannier is mounted on the bicycle frame, which is also a handy compartment and a cover for our smartphone. Equipped with a transparent window, the Cover allows you to use the phone (dimensions: 18x9.5cm) while traveling, as a navigation or a music player, because the bag also has an outlet for Headphones. All this without having to stop. The rack is made with attention to detail from a high-class matte and hard PC, thanks to which you do not have to worry about your gadgets when the bike hits or falls to the side. PRODUCT FEATURES: - 100% Original - Packed in original packaging - Made of hard PC plastic - Mounted to the frame with adjustable harness - Capacity: 1L