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Case Spigen IPad Pro 11 2018 / 2020 Urban Fit Rose Gold Pink Case

Case Spigen IPad Pro 11 2018 / 2020 Urban Fit Rose Gold Pink Case

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The lightweight and durable case from the Urban Fit series is specially designed to protect your device from mechanical damage on all sides.

Urban Fit fits perfectly and stably to iPada and has a matte finish, so that your device will always be clean and free of greasy marks. Case it has another functional advantage - it automatically wakes and puts iPada to sleep when you open and close it.

How to check if an accessory fits your iPada?
It's simple, check the back of your device for the model number, which starts with the letter A:
The product in this listing fits: A1980, A1934, A1979, A2228, A2230, A2231.

* The camera cutout for iPad Pro 11 2018 will be half empty, due to a single lens.

100% Original
- Precision made
- Excellent fit
- Fully functional
- Easy to install and remove
- Packaged in original box

1 x Case Spigen Urban Fit